Broker Finance

TFG Financial has been partnering with brokers since our inception, offering a wide variety of credit solutions while championing speed, ease and convenience.

TFG Financial focuses on customers acquiring equipment in Transportation, Construction, Forestry, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas.

TFG has a wide credit spectrum that can approve A, B and C credit customers for start-ups to large sized businesses.

TFG Financial maintains a service level agreement with all of our broker partners ensure quick approvals, documentation, and funding turn arounds. There is no ‘Win’ in waiting.

The relationships with our brokers are so important, so we strive to create a personalized service to accommodate each of our partners to ensure mutual success.

Vendor Finance

TFG Financial partners with Vendors (equipment manufacturers and dealers) to provide financing solutions that drive sales and customer satisfaction.

TFG provides a dedicated account manager to structure winning financing solutions. We bring knowledge and expertise to every interaction.

TFG can approve A, B and C level credits for customers that range from start-ups to established corporations. Our expansive credit box generates more sales opportunities for our vendor partners.

We invest in technology to remove obstacles and accelerate the sales process. TFG Financial knows that speed can be the differentiator in today’s competitive environment

TFG offers a full range of product structures (i.e., referral, multi-funder, private label, joint venture, etc.), so we can design a customized program that meets the vendor’s needs.

Custom Solutions

TFG Financial works closely with businesses, lenders, and other institutions to offer complimentary finance offers to an all-encompassing joint venture relationship.

TFG has been developing unique joint venture relationships for over 30 years. These relationships ensure alignment and provide lasting value for our partners and their customers.

We provide a secondary solution to lenders that originate business that is not a fit for their credit appetite. TFG develops a way for their sales team to say ‘yes’ providing a seamless experience for all customers regardless of their credit profile.

Have an idea or an issue with anything related to business? Give any one of our business channel leaders a call today.

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