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TFG Financial Corporation is part of the Travelers Financial Group, founded in 1984.

Prior to 2014, TFG was a division of Travelers Financial Corporation that supported small to medium-sized Canadian businesses with an array of finance and leasing products to acquire revenue-producing assets.

In 2014 Travelers Financial Corporation merged part of its assets with Coast Capital Savings Credit Union to better serve Canada’s small to medium businesses with a competitive financing alternative to traditional banks that allowed for Speed, Ease and Convenience when it came to financing or leasing capital equipment.

TFG was created to provide focus and distinction to better support those small to medium-sized Canadian businesses that were in earlier stages of their financial development, start-ups or those enterprises that would be unable to qualify for traditional bank financing.

A big part of our value proposition is a more intense focus on our “Asset-Based Lending & Leasing” activities to serve customers that have equipment financing needs outside the conventional approach taken by traditional banks and captive lenders.

TFG Financial can trace its roots from a humble start to becoming the cornerstone of the family of companies comprising the Travelers Financial Group. It started with Travelers Financial Corporation (TFC), and the 37-year build-out of a number of international equipment leasing and financing businesses, one of Canada’s leading auto finance providers, business process outsource providers and a world-class technology platform that supports auto and equipment lenders in multiple jurisdictions.

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One of Canada’s largest and innovative independent equipment finance participants………

TFG Today

TFG provides financing and leasing for a variety of revenue-producing assets, trucks, trailers, light to heavy construction equipment, manufacturing equipment and material handling equipment and more!

TFG with the support of its affiliates also supports a number of OEM captive finance and vendor programs that require a full credit spectrum solution for their customers.

We use a proprietary match engine technology combining analytics and learned behaviour as the front end of our process to cover the full spectrum of credit.

In the US, we provide these same programs through our US affiliate TFund Capital Corp.

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Partner with professional brokers to provide customers with value-add financing solutions


Develop vendor financing programs with manufacturers and dealers that drive sales and customer satisfaction


Provide financing solutions to manufacturers and dealers that drive sales and customer satisfaction

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The Travelers Financial Group of Companies is active across a wide spectrum of financing and financing related businesses.

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