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Program for Owner-Operators Looking To Get Into a Truck With No Money Down

o Since 1985 we have been helping owner-operators succeed and since that time we have learned a thing or two. That is why we developed the PowerLease Acceleration program. PowerLease is designed to help first time owner-operators transition from being a company driver to owning their own business. We make it easy with no down payment, a wide selection of new or used assets, and contracts with Canada’s top transportation carriers. All designed to ensure you succeed in your new venture

o Our mission and purpose is to help owner-operators succeed and make financing their truck or trailer EASY and hassle free. For over 35 years, PowerLease and the Travelers Financial Group of Companies have been helping owner-operators succeed by providing the financing they need to fuel their business. Whether you are dreaming of going into business for yourself, growing your succeeding business and adding additional units, or replacing an existing truck or trailer, we have the financing that can help you prosper.

Our mission is to provide our carrier partners a strategic advantage in recruiting owner operators and provide a consistent supply of qualified, pre-approved owner operator candidates. Through our digital marketing campaign, PowerLease delivers to our carrier partners pre-qualified owner operators, with easy financing terms, and the right equipment for the job making it easy to recruit for those open positions.

Alternative & Structured Finance Solutions From the Travelers Financial Group.

Travelers Capital is a member of the Travelers Group of Companies, who possess over 40-years of asset-based lending experience and is a leading provider of equipment finance and speciality loan & lease arrangements.

With a deep understanding of asset-finance and operation management, Travelers Capital is able to evaluate a borrower’s capital needs and inherent risks from an enterprise perspective, allowing for tailored, creative, and timely credit solutions.

Travelers Capital works closely with clients at every stage of the corporate life cycle to better understand their assets, their business, and their credit needs to provide custom capital solutions outside of those offered by traditional banks.

Travelers Capital target’s debt investments from $500k to $25 million, with the ability to close larger transactions as required. By underwriting a company’s enterprise value and off-balance sheet equity, TC is also able to supplement senior debt investments with secondary liens & mortgages, mezzanine tranches, and third party guarantees to alleviate credit risk and shape workable financing terms.

Helping Small to Medium Size Customers Succeed by Providing the Financing They Need to Fuel Their Business.

  • Guaranteed quick application response time
  • We put pricing and structure flexibility back in your hands
  • 24-hour funding
  • Experienced and attentive team
  • Leading edge systems
  • With our experience and knowledge, we get it
  • Transactions up to $500,000
  • Lease, loan security agreements, sale leasebacks and private sales
  • Almost any Revenue generating assets
  • Unsecured small business loans